EducationCraig Hoy backs Scottish Conservative free school meal plan

September 27, 2020

Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for East Lothian, Craig Hoy, has backed plans that will see pupils given free breakfasts and lunches at primary schools across East Lothian.

Craig says the plans, which were unveiled in a policy paper by party leader Douglas Ross, will see an extension of free school meals to every East Lothian primary school pupil at breakfast and lunch times.

Analysis of Scottish Government figures shows that this would lead to a 106% increase in pupils entitled to free school lunches in East Lothian. Some 8,626 primary pupils would also now be entitled to a free breakfast locally.
The plans unveiled by Douglas Ross mean that if the Scottish Conservatives win next year’s election, over 185,000 more schoolchildren would be eligible to get a free school lunch in Scotland’s primary schools.
Craig says this will help to keep pupils healthy in the classroom and provide a help to families on lower incomes.

“The plans to introduce free breakfasts and lunches for all pupils from Douglas Ross is a bold and positive policy that will widely benefit youngsters in East Lothian,” he said.

“Ensuring pupils have a healthy meal throughout the school day will keep them focused in the classroom as well.”

“In the current economic crisis, free school meals will be a significant boost to those families on low incomes in particular.

“Our plan, which also includes recruiting 3,000 more teachers and offering a national tutoring programme, shows that Douglas Ross and the Scottish Conservatives have the positive vision to restore Scotland’s schools.

“That is in stark contrast to the SNP who would rather spend resources on an unwanted and divisive independence referendum bill.”

Published by Sarah Russell on behalf East Lothian Conservative and Unionist Association, 4 Church Street, Haddington EH41 3EX